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Susan and Tommy are back on the trails and this time they are throwing some mud. And their favorite shop teacher, Mr. Novak, is pointing out the importance of Seizmik Fender Flares. 

Need a serious look at the new Fender Flare Kits from Seizmik? OK! Check out this video showing the effectiveness of a fender flare kit vs. no kit at all on the RZR Pro XP.


Who doesn’t love hitting a murky hole and slinging a little mud while out on a ride? Who hates the extra clean up and listening to passengers complain about being covered in mud? With a Seizmik HDPE Fender Flare Extension Kit, you can hit those mud holes knowing your vehicle and passengers won’t be completely covered in muck.


We’re not saying they’re indestructible…

…but we’ve got a few people in our shop that lack talent at times.  Check out this story on how our fender flare kit on our RZR Pro XP stood up to some abuse during our skid plate video filming.

Precision cut and bent from 0.15” thick High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) at our facility in Cairo, GA, our fender flare extension kits fit your OEM standard or extended fender flares.  With the thicker material, a more three-dimensional form for added rigidity, and structural tabs for reinforcement, our flares will keep their shape and won’t droop when mud starts sticking to its underside.  Our kits also provide additional interior cabin protection with more inner wheel well coverage than what is provided by other flare extension kits.

The aggressive styling of our fender flare extensions echo and compliment the body lines of vehicle.  The anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware, textured finish on the visible (upper) side of the flares, and the added accent branding will keep these kits looking nice for years to come.  So, don’t avoid those muddy trails, embrace them knowing clean up will be a little easier with a Seizmik HDPE Fender Flare Extension Kit installed on your side-by-side.

Features Include:

More Three-Dimensional Form
Provides rigidity & better styling

Structural Tabs
For added support 

Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel Hardware
For years of maintenance free performance

Textured Finish
Found on the visible (upper) side of the flare

Better Inner Wheel Well Coverage
For additional interior/cabin protection

Thicker HDPE Material
To help maintain the shape when collecting mud

Fits OEM Flares
Works with either standard or extended stock fender flares

Accent Branding
For added styling

A Complete Set
2 front and 2 rear flares plus all needed hardware included in the kit

Made in the USA
Manufactured at our facility in Georgia

Current Fitments*:

Part # 67-10007 — Polaris RZR XP 1000 | Turbo | Turbo S
Non-Crew & Crew models

Part # 67-10008 — Polaris General XP 1000 | General
Non-Crew & Crew models

Part # 67-10009 — Polaris RZR Pro XP | ’20-’21
Non-Crew & Crew models


*Do you have a question about our kits on your machine? Call Seizmik toll free at 1-866-838-3366 and one of our awesome customer services reps will help point you to the correct Skid Plate Kit for your ride.

Available Fitments


Part # 67-10007 | Polaris RZR XP 1000 | Turbo | Turbo S - Non-Crew and Crew *Does NOT fit Trails and Rocks models *Does NOT fit High Lifter Edition without trimming for snorkel tubes


Part # 67-10008 | Polaris General XP 1000 | General - Non-Crew and Crew


Part # 67-10009 | Polaris RZR Pro XP '20-'21 - Non-Crew and Crew