Guide to Seizmik's UTV Soft Tops

Precision Fit

Super tight fit

Seizmik spend a lot of time getting the fit right. It makes nice "thump" when installed properly. The fit extends the life of the top by reducing friction and preventing stray limbs on tight trails from getting hung on the top.

No water pooling on top

Because of the tight fit of the top, rain falls off without pooling.

Easy Installation

Seizmik Tops are designed to be installed in less than 30 minutes with no drilling required.

Precision Fit



All of our tops are trailerable to 65 mph, eliminating the hassle of installing and reinstalling the top whenever you need to trailer your vehicle.

Built in, roll up Rear Back Panel

Our soft tops feature a roll up rear panel that rolls up when extra ventilation is needed. The rear back panel is a neccessary addition to all cabs because it keeps dust and rain out of the cab.

Huge Back Window

Our large back window allows the driver greater visibility.



Nylon Construction

Tough nylon construction prevents ripping, rotting and dry rot.

UV resistant PVC coating

A UV resistant PVC coating keeps the top from deteriorating under intense UV light.

No loose flaps

Our soft tops have no loose flaps because they wrap around the roll cage where they are secured with velcro. This keeps everything tucked in for tight trails, trailering and driving at high speeds.


No loose flaps

View a Demonstration:

Click here to view a video demonstrating our redesigned Soft Tops.

All Seizmik's Redesigned Soft Tops feature the new Quikfit tightening system

All of Seizmik's new soft tops have a best in class fit courtesy of Seizmik's new "Quikfit" tightening system. The tightening system uses two straps that wrap around the roll cage and buckle inside the cab. This reduces the installation time of the top and provides the best fit of any top in the industry. The system uses two straps that reduce the installation time of the tops and provide a tighter fit.

Check out all of Seizmik's redesigned Soft Tops


-2 #1 2011-04-04 03:09
Will this top fit with the after market shoulder Seat Belt Harness Bar for Yamaha Rhino
+1 #2 2011-04-04 09:09
Hi Randy,

If your talking about the bar shown here:

It will work, but the flaps will not attach all the way because of interference with the bar.

-The Seizmik Team
+1 #3 2011-04-06 15:22
Will this top fit with the after market shoulder Seat Belt Harness Bar for Yamaha Rhino. I am using the BRP harness bar, at the below web site. In looking at the pictures it looks like it will work the only question I have is will there be enougbh stretch in the material. I am cuting off the whip tab so that will not be a problem.
0 #4 2012-01-12 13:19
I am looking for your Versa windshield and light bar to fit a 2008 Polaris Ranger 700. Can you steer me to a vendor?
0 #5 2012-01-23 09:55
Hi Scott,

We do not offer a Versa-shield for the 2002-2008 Polaris Rangers, instead, we offer the full windshield for 2002-2008 Rangers. You can find our 2002-2008 Ranger light bar at your nearest powersports dealer,, or at many of the online dealers listed here:
0 #6 Kolayaybgbf 2013-07-24 12:54
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