Kubota RAC Sytem

Backpack Blower Rack Part #V4421: The Back Pack Blower rack secures blowers on the outside or inside of the RTV RAC Structure. Product Details
Cooler/Bucket Cruiser Part# V441: The Cooler/Bucket Cruiser holds different sizes and shapes of coolers and buckets. Product Details
Extender Basket Part #4415- Large basket that can be positioned horizontally and vertically Product Details
Full Clip Basket Part# V4417: The Full Clip Basket attached Product Details
Full RAC Structure V4411- The Full RAC Structure is part of the Kubota RTV RAC System, and is available only through your local Kubota dealership. Product Details
Half Clip Basket Part# V4416: The half clip basket can attach to the inside or the outside of the RTV RAC Structure. It's perfect for quick grab and go tasks. Carries chainsaws, fuel, pruners, trimmers and more! Product Details
Half RAC Structure Part# V4412- The Half RAC Structure is part of the Kubota RTV RAC System, available exclusively to Kubota dealers. Product Details
Long Tool Handle Carrier Part# V4418- The Long Handle Tool Carrier easily carries rakes, shovels, spades, pruners, and most other long handled tools. Product Details
String Trimmer Carrier Part# V4419: The String Trimmer Carrier can be used as a pair to carry string trimmers and very long tools, or use one to carry ropes, hoses and wire. Product Details


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