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HALO-RA LED Rearview Mirror with Cast Aluminum Bezel

MSRP: $179.99

Watch the product video below for more details on Seizmik’s Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror with a Cast Aluminum Bezel.

“Oooo, Light Up the Cab! Light Up the Cab!” Remember those 80’s late night commercials, well, this is our spoof featuring our new mirror!

Halo-RA LED for 1.75" Round Tube ROPS
Halo-RA LED for 2" or 1.875" Round Tube ROPS
Halo-RA LED for Polaris Pro-FIt Ranger Factory Header Panel
Halo-RA LED for Can-Am X3 Factory Mirror Mounting Plate
Halo-RA LED for Can-Am Defender Factory Header Panel
Halo-RA LED mounted on Can-Am Defender Factory Header Panel
Halo-RA LED includes a dual intensity COB LED map light
Halo-RA LED includes dual intensity Green LED cab accent lights for night vision and hunting
Halo-RA LED includes dual intensity Red LED cab accent lights for night vision and hunting
Halo-RA LED includes dual intensity Blue LED cab accent lights
Halo-RA LED includes an ABS rear housing for durability
Halo-RA Cast and LED mirrors include powder coated cast aluminum components
Halo-RA Cast and LED mirrors include ball joint locking bolts for a secure mirror

The Seizmik Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror features multimodal, high intensity RGB LEDs and a high intensity COB (Circuit On Board) LED map light along with a powder coated cast aluminum bezel and an ABS rear housing. The result is a strong, lightweight, and durable mirror with a convenient hands free cab light. 

The programmable RGB lights include a high and low intensity level in red, green, and blue color selections.  Red and Green LEDs are for use when preserving visual acuity in low light scenarios, while the blue may be used to match dash accent lights.  

The Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror is easily serviceable. The powder coated cast aluminum bezel may be removed and the convex safety glass may be replaced without having to replace the whole mirror.  Like all Seizmik mirrors, the Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror is covered under Seizmik’s 100% Unlimited Lifetime Mirror Warranty.

LED Features include:

  • IP65 WEATHER RESISTANT HOUSING—Will withstand washing with a hose, but don’t submerge it!
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT POLYCARBONATE LENSES—For years of reliable performance.
  • HIGH INTENSITY RGB PROGRAMMABLE LIGHTS—Set preferred color for functional or accent lighting: red for night vision or accent; green for night vision or accent; or blue for accent.
  • HIGH INTENSITY COB MAP LIGHT—2 intensity settings: 30 Lumen Low or 120 Lumen High.
  • OPERATES ON 4 AAA BATTERIES—4 AAA Duracell batteries included.

Mirror Features include:

  • SOLID CAST ALUMINUM COMPONENTS—Powder Coated Cast Aluminum for lightweight performance and durability.
  • 304 STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE—High Grade Corrosion Resistant Hardware for years of reliable trouble free performance.
  • LOW PROFILE HINGED CLAMP (ROUND TUBE FITMENTS)—Clamp design provides extreme clamping power, minimal interference with other accessories, and a simple installation. 1.75″ ROPS and 2.0″ (with shim for 1.875″) ROPS
  • MOUNTING SOLUTION FOR OEM MOUNTING PLATE—Specifically designed mounting solution utilizes X3 Factory Rearview Mirror Mounting Plate.
  • MOUNTING SOLUTION FOR OEM HEADER PANEL—Specifically designed mounting solutions for Polaris Pro-Fit Ranger (Full and Midsize) Factory Header Panel and Can-Am Defender Factory Header Panel.
  • 3/8″-16 MOUNTING POST THREAD—Popular thread used for mounts in most custom roll cages.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BALL STUD LOCK BOLTS—Set Bolts can lock mirror into plate or be adjusted to allow for smooth movement with enough resistance for micro adjustment.
  • CAST ALUMINUM LOCKING BLOCK—Locking block and bolts lock ball stud in place to prevent unwanted movement under the roughest condition.
  • CONVEX MIRROR GLASS—Convex surface provides super wide viewing range with added image stability. High optic glass with chrome plated backing provides superior image clarity and definition.
  • SEIZMIK DESIGN—Styled to compliment all Seizmik® side view mirrors


Part #

Clamp Size


180191.75″Any 1.75″ ROPS; Honda Pioneer 1000; Polaris Round Tube Ranger (Full and Midsize); Polaris General; Polaris RS1; Polaris RZR; Textron Wildcat
180202.0″ w/shim for 1.875″Any 1.875″ or 2″ ROPS; Honda Talon; Kawasaki Teryx 750/800
18021Polaris Pro-Fit Ranger Factory Header PanelPolaris Pro-Fit Ranger (Full and Midsize)
18022Can-Am X3 Factory Mirror Mounting PlateCan-Am X3
18023Can-Am Defender Factory Header PanelCan-Am Defender

* Don’t see your machine listed? Call Seizmik toll free at 1-866-838-3366 for help finding the correct Halo-RA Billet Rearview Mirror for your ride.

Programming Instructions

All Seizmik mirrors come with a 100% Unlimited Lifetime Warranty—regardless of how the mirror was damaged. Every mirror, no matter what—even if your cow eats it or you shoot it (actual customer warranty issues—we can’t make this stuff up)!