Answers to frequently asked questions.

How to make a warranty claim

If you have an issue with your product and need to request warranty service, contact Seizmik in one of the following ways:

Fill out the form at http://www.seizmik.com/customer-support/

M-F 9am (Eastern) – 5pm (Central)

Send an email to service@seizmik.com

Please be sure to include the following information:

1) Name, Shipping Address, and Phone Number
2) Part # of Product
3) Sales Receipt # / Proof of Purchase 
4) Date of Purchase 
5) Nature of Problem

How can I tell if my 2018 Full Size Pro-Fit Ranger is the newly redesigned mid-2017 realease?

Previous Full Size Pro-Fit Ranger
(Released as a 2013 and still in production today)

Newly Redesigned Full Size Pro-Fit Ranger
(Released in July 2017 as the “New” 2018 Ranger)

Are you confused yet? Us too. Happens to the best of us. Basically, the easiest way (we think) to tell if your 2018 Full Size Pro-Fit Ranger is the newly redesigned Ranger released in the second half of 2017 is to look at the body plastics and panels specifically around the door (highlighted in yellow above). Notice the changes around the wheel wells and dump bed?

We also believe that another way is to locate your dump bed handle. On the older body styles, the dump bed handle is located under the dump bed. On the newly redesigned vehicles, the dump bed handle is located in a new recessed area on the side of the dump bed.

Oh, those crazy Polaris engineers!

I'm having trouble with mounting Pro-Fit/Profiled mirrors. What gives?

We understand that there have been some problems with installing our Pro-Fit/Profiled Clamps for our mirrors. All it takes is pulling the clamp towards you to ensure that there is enough space for the main mirror bolt.

Please note that Embark mirrors come with a longer clamp for passenger side ONLY for visibility!

Refer to the video above for a visual reference of what to do. Happy riding!

What is a Pro-Fit or Profiled cage?

You may see reference to a “Pro-Fit” or “Profiled” ROPS (rollover protection system) or roll cage. While many UTVs and Side-by-Sides have a round tube cage, certain makes and models offer an extruded tube cage, that resembles a “D” with a channel. Here are a few examples:

What is the difference between your Pursuit and Strike mirrors?

While they share some similar features, our top of the line, best selling Pursuit mirror is made of cast aluminum, while the Strike mirror is made from ABS plastic. The glass in the Pursuit mirror floats independently within the housing, while the glass for the Strike mirror is part of the housing.

Seizmik’s Pursuit Mirror

Seizmik’s Strike Mirror

What does Seizmik's Unlimited Lifetime Mirror Warranty actually cover?

Seizmik Owner and President, Steve Shankin, explained our mirror warranty best…

Can I buy directly from Seizmik?

No, Seizmik does not sell directly to consumers. We have partnered with the largest Powersports distributors which service over 7,000 Powersports Dealers and online vendors. When your at your local dealer, demand Seizmik for adding the final touches to your ride. Or, search the Web with your favorite search engine using Seizmik and the part number you are interested in.