How to program and operate Seizmik’s new Halo-RA LED Rearview Mirror.

Light Programming & Operation Guide

Light not working? Check this first!

The lights were shipped with a small disconnect piece in the battery compartment to keep the batteries from draining during shipment.  Simply use a T10 wrench (or small flat head screwdriver) to remove the light unit from the mirror to gain access to the battery compartment.  You’ll find the disconnect piece sandwiched between the end of one of the batteries and the post.

  • The left button controls the center white light. See Step 7 for instructions on setting the light’s intensity.
  • The right button controls the RGB Lights. Users can set the light to either Red, Green, or Blueas shown in following steps. 

1. Press and hold the right button to enter programming mode. DO NOT release button.

2. All RGB lights will flash twice to indicate the user is in program mode. Continue to hold the button down.

3. While continuing to hold the button, the RGB lights will start to cycle, going from Green to Red to Blue.

4. When the color you want to program appears, RELEASE THE BUTTON to save the color choice.

5. Once button is released, the selected color will flash twice to indicate that color has been set.

6. When the right button is now pressed, the color you chose will be used.

7. To control intensity, simply press the button once and the light will come on low, press the button again and the light will turn to high, a third press will shut the light off.

8. To change which color you want to set, simply repeat the programming procedure starting at step 1.