Mounting Seizmik Side View Mirrors on UTV Hard Doors

Looking for sideview mirrors for you UTV with hard doors (i.e. Polaris® Northstar Edition)?  No problem. Our mirrors can be mounted to most hard doors.  You’ll just need to do some investigative work and drill two 3/8″ holes in order to mount your mirrors on your doors.

On the door?

Why do we suggest mounting them directly to the door as opposed to creating a bracket like the Mirror Mounts for Polaris® Pro-Fit Rangers or the Mirror Mounts For Polaris® RZR?

It’s a matter of usability. If the mirrors were mounted on a bracket, they would have to be forward of the door in order for it to open. And when mounted that far forward, the corner of the door would reduce the view from the driver side to about the outer third of the mirror only.  The passenger side would be so far forward, it would be useless from the driver seat. In order to regain the view of the entire mirror, the bracket would have to place the mirror several inches away from the machine in order to see around the forward corner of the door.

But, if you mount the mirrors to your doors, they will be positioned in a much better place to be useable. They will be more in line with what you are use to with your truck or car.

Now, there are a number of machines and doors out there, but most of them have some type of plate that can be used as a mounting point for any of our side view mirrors. All of our Seizmik Door Kits include a bracket welded to the frame.

Our Mirror Mounting Tab

A feature included on ALL Seizmik Door Kits

An Easy Install

A better placement for viewing with the door

One example (to jump start your gray matter)

Below is an example of installing the mirrors on a set of hard doors from Polaris®. While the insides of your door may be different, hopefully this guide will give you a few ideas on mounting the mirror to your door. 


You’ll need to remove or peel back the door’s interior liner to find a mounting point.

Locate Mounting Point

On this particular door, we found a spot on the inner door frame just above the latch hardware that would accept our bolt and washer.


After getting our measurements, we drilled a 1/8″ pilot hole, followed by a 3/8″ hole.

Through the felt?

We chose to drill through our felt liner, for easier access to the hardware in case we wanted to remove the door and use our mirror with the included ROPS bracket on the frame for warm weather riding. Don’t drill through the felt if you wish to keep the hardware hidden.

Save the mounting bracket

You’ll now use the mirror’s center bolt and the round rubber vibration isolation shim between the mirror base and outer door panel.

The final result

Use the appropriate detent position

Our Seizmik Pursuit and Pursuit Night Vision series side view mirrors come equipped with three detent positions for optimizing the viewing angle for the driver.

Driver Side

Use the first detent position for the driver side mirror (least angled).

Passenger Side

Use the second detent position for the passenger side mirror (most angled).

Go ahead, hit it against a tree or rock!

The last detent position will fold the mirror against the door when hitting something on your ride. Just pop it back into the appropriate detent when ready.