Warranty Policy Update

The following is the warranty procedure for all Seizmik products going forward:

Customer or dealer contacts Seizmik directly if there is a warranty or missing parts issue that needs to be handled. The preferred method is through email (service@seizmik.com), with the alternative by phone (919-957-0044).

Seizmik will replace the broken or missing parts and send them to the dealer or the end user, which ever works best for the customer.

Never exchange a new set of mirrors for a used set for a warranty claim, this will leave the dealer with a used set of mirrors because Seizmik will replace only the broken parts.

If a customer receives a Seizmik product that is missing parts, please contact Seizmik to have the parts shipped out ASAP. Do not have the product shipped back and exchanged for another one. It is faster to have the parts sent directly to the customer, and saves shipping cost.

The goal of this new policy is to speed up and streamline the warranty process, to lessen the work on dealers, and to take care of the end user faster—getting them back out riding. If anyone has questions, please feel free to give us a call.

Best Regards,

Jody Jackson
Product Manager