Seizmik still operational—with a few minor changes due to COVID-19

Seizmik is now following a “Work From Home” mandate issued by our local government officials until April 30, 2020. What does this mean for you, our loyal Seizmik followers? We’re glad you asked! Actually, we don’t expect much will really change—we’ve been preparing for this for a while.

What to expect when calling in

We recently upgraded our phone system so our customer service team will have the ability to answer incoming calls during normal business hours while they are working from home. During periods of high call volume, if the team can’t get to your call immediately, callers will be given the chance to leave a message. This doesn’t happen much, but it’s not impossible. We always strive to have a real human answer and help with whatever you need.

We’re still monitoring all of our voicemail while working from home, however, there may be delays in a return call. An alternate, and possible better way, to get an answer to your general product question during this time would be to send us an email at

What about warranty claims?

Our customer service team will still be handling warranty claims and will continue to send out replacement parts twice a week instead of daily. Typically, a warranty issue is handled almost immediately, with your parts arriving in a matter of a day or two. Obviously, warranty shipments will be delayed due to the “Work From Home” mandate. Rest assured, your parts will be on the way, it’s just going to take a little longer for them to arrive.

The absolute best way to submit a warranty claim is to fill out the form found online at The form collects all the data we need to get you your replacement parts as quickly as possible.

We’ll all get through this!

Like many of you, we’re adapting to the changes to our personal and professional lives and finding ways to make the best out of the current situation. Our priorities during this period are: the safety and well being of our employees and their families; being good global citizens and doing our part to end the spread of the virus; and helping our customers in whatever way we can. We thank all of you for your patience and understanding.

Stay safe everyone! #flattenthecurve

Your friends at Seizmik.